SA luxurious Rovos train 10 days tours


Day One: Hong Kong - Johannesburg
Disembark from Hong Kong; board a luxurious passenger plane and set out for the largest city of South Africa - Johannesburg.
Day Two: Johannesburg - Sun City
You will arrive in Johannesburg in the morning and great your tour guide. The first place to visit is ?? the Gold Reef City - a theme park rebuilt from the gold mines in the past. The city was built at the exact location where gold deposit was first discovered in 1886. All architecture in the theme park was built to recreate the look of the town a century ago. The theme park features an assortment of fascinating entertainment facilities on top of a retro song and dance performance that miners in the past used to love. The most exciting activity for visitors is the descent to a 220-meter deep goldmine via its elevator shaft. It offers the perfect opportunity for visitors to learn about the history of gold rush in Witwatesrand. In addition, you will also get to see the entire process of how gold nuggets are made down in the mine. The next destination is Sun City; the "Las Vegas of South Africa", which is located at northwest of Johannesburg. The luxury casino resort, complete with the world's largest man-made beach with waves for surfing, was built in the middle of a barren desert. As you appreciate the natural wonders and marvels around South Africa, Sun City will make you admire the sheer determination of mankind to overcome the adversity of harsh environment. Upon arrival, guests will enjoy the recreational facilities available there, including international standard golf course, tennis court, swimming pool, horse riding and so forth. If you are feeling lucky, you might want to try your luck at the casino and enjoy a leisurely time. The experience is guaranteed to be worthwhile. In the evening, prepare to enjoy South Africa's ?? most extravagant stage performance at Sun City. The jubilant songs and dances will conclude your itinerary for the day.
Accommodation: Five Star Hotel
Day Three:
Sun City - Pilanesberg Game Reserve - Pretoria
Start a new day in South Africa by getting into ?? a 4WD Jeep and head towards the Pilanesberg Game Reserve. As you make your way through the park, don't forget to look for traces of wildlife such as elephants, lions, giraffes, scimitar oryx and so forth. The trip to the game reserve is also the perfect chance for you to observe these animals up close. While riding the jeep, you might find a lion right next to you and a couple of giraffes just up ahead. Indulge yourself in the excitement of being in the wilderness and see for yourself the magic and fun of natural ecology; you won't find such unique experience anywhere else in the world. After breakfast, board the tour bus and head to the renowned ?? Lion Park; observe the king of beasts in real life and take picture with adorable lion cubs at the park. Pretoria - the Jacaranda City will be the next destination on the list. You will be visiting the "Church Square", which is the site of the earliest church built when Pretoria was just founded. The gigantic statue of Paul Kruger now stands in the church's place. Next stop on the itinerary is the heart of South African Government -the "Union Building" (which is also the President's residence). The guide will take you to the suburbs of Pretoria to visit the majestic ?? Voortrekker Monument. The monument features a frieze that consists of 27 bas-relief panels that depict "the voortrekkers' Great Trek" and the difficulties and hardship they endured.
Accommodation: Five Star Hotel

Day Four: Johannesburg - Rovos Rail
After filling your hungry stomach with the delicious breakfast provided at the hotel, we will make our way to the Johannesburg Diamond Centre to observe the process of diamond cutting. Here, visitors will learn more about the formation of diamonds and the 4Cs (Carat, Cut, Color and Clarity) that determine the value of diamond. Visitors who are itching to shop may also do so here. After lunch, we will set out to Rovo Rail's private Capital Park Station to board the Pride of Africa. At 15:30, accompanied by pleasant melodies of violin and the fragrance of champagne, you will walk across the red carpet and board "Rovos Rail" (rated the most luxurious train by America's National Geographic Magazine) to embark on a 3 day 2 night, cross-continental journey from Pretoria to Cape Town. Here onboard the mobile 5 star hotel, you will be able to appreciate the ever-changing sceneries of Africa along the journey. In the evening, guests will be delighted by the extravagant feast prepared at the dinning car and rest for the night in their spacious cabins. The lavish and comfy cabin on this extravagant Victorian styled train will thoroughly sooth your body and mind so that you will be able to savor the one-of-a-kind journey with your fellow passengers.
Luxurious cabin on the Rovos Rail
Day Five: Kimberley - Matjiesfontein
Enjoy the refined buffet breakfast served on Rovos Rail in the morning. By 09:40, you will arrive at Kimberley - the town of the diamond. Sights of interest include the Big Hole, Kimberley Mine Museum and the monorail. The trip around the town will give visitors an idea of the prosperity and energy that once permeated the place in the heyday of diamond rush. If time permits, you can even try out the mining activity and perhaps win a souvenir, depending on how you fare. The curio stores in Kimberley will definitely have something that will catch your eye if you are looking to get some souvenirs. We will head back to the train at 13:00 sharp to continue the legendary journey. The Rovos Rail will pass by places like De Aar and Beaufort West along the route by the evening as we head for the old town of Matjiesfontein. After dinner, you might want to head for the Observation Car; enjoy a glass of South African wine and marvel at the starry night of Africa. The experience something that you will remember for the rest of your life.
Luxurious cabin on the Rovos Rail

Day Six: Matjiesfontein - Cape Town
The train is expected to arrive at Matjiesfontein at 08:15. The town used to be an important site during the Anglo-Boer War and it still retains its retro style to this day. You may take a break at the local pub (which has over 200 years of history) and quaff a mug of South African beer while the bartender plays his accordion; go down to the manor where James Logan used to live to relive the glamour of the good old days; or head to the local museum to check out the very letter written by the Queen of England to boost the morale of British troops stationed at the town. No matter what you do, the experience will be refreshing and rewarding. Many facilities you will see in the town were shipped over thousands of miles of ocean from London, which should give you a rough idea of the British Empire's power at the time. The beautiful gardens and orchards are something that should not be missed as well. The train will leave Matjiesfontein at 10:30 and we will pass Touws River, De Doorns and Worcester as the train heads south. At 18:00, the Pride of Africa will pull in at its designated platform No 24 at Cape Town Station, thus completing the cross-continental journey that was designed for the royalties.
Accommodation:Five Star Hotel

Day Seven: Cape Town
After breakfast, travelers will take the tour bus and head for ?? the Westcoast Ostrich Show Ranch. Here you will see ostriches of various sizes and learn more about these animals and how they are raised. An assortment of products and merchandize made from ostriches can be bought here. You can also ride on an ostrich for a quick photo session and enjoy an exotic but delicious ostrich meal at the range. After lunch, we will take the rotating cable car to arrive at ?? Table Mountain - the landmark of Cape Town. The mountain earned its name because its flat top looks just like a table from a distance. Take a moment here to enjoy the panoramic view of Cape Town in its entirety. From the summit of Table Mountain, you can also see Robben Island; the very island that Nelson Mandela was held captive. (If cable car service is not available due to poor weather conditions, the itinerary will be changed to a visit to Signal Hill). The Victoria & Alfred Waterfront is the main itinerary in the afternoon. It is a world-class district of recreation and commerce with a number of ferry quays, unique styled cafes, pubs, stores and street performers. Don't linger for too long here; you might find yourself not wanting to leave.
Accommodation: Five Star Hotel

Day Eight: Cape Town
After you have helped yourself to the fine breakfast at the hotel, you will be ready for your day-trip around the Cape Peninsula. First stop: Hout Bay Quay. ?? Here is where we will board the ship to go to the Seal Island (note: this itinerary will be canceled if the seas get rough). At Seal Island, you will see thousands of seals of varying sizes lying lazily under the sun or playing in the sea. It offers a good opportunity for travelers to appreciate the harmony of mankind and nature in South Africa. Next, we will take the scenic route along a boulevard of green shades with mountains as backdrop as we make our way towards Cape's world-renowned wine country. ?? The trip to the wine estates includes visits to the vineyards and wine cellars (along with wine tasting!) After trying out the best South African wines, we will proceed to Cape of Good Hope by taking the coastline route. We will be having lunch at a famous seafood restaurant in Cape of Good Hope, and if you are a seafood aficionado, you will love the lobster meal prepared by the restaurant. With a full stomach, we will go to Boulders Beach to see the renowned ?? penguin colony there. There are thousands of adorable African Penguins living at the Boulders Beach. The sight of these little guys in such large numbers will make you marvel at the wonder of nature. The final stop of the trip would be ?? the natural reserve of Cape of Good Hope. Here, we will take the cableway to get to the lighthouse atop the Cape of Good Hope, where you will see the incredible view of the point where Atlantic Ocean and Indian Ocean meets. The majestic sight will help you to relate to the feeling of pride that renowned explorers such as Bartolomeu Dias experienced when they discovered uncharted places. You can also buy a postcard at the post office near the lighthouse and stamp it with the special chop to send your best wishes to your family.
Accommodation: Five Star Hotel

Day Nine: Cape Town - Hong Kong
After breakfast, it is time to head to the international airport to board the luxurious passenger plane on your return trip to Hong Kong. Take a moment to reflect upon the trip: it should have been a rewarding experience
Accommodation: Spend the night in-flight

Day Ten: Hong Kong
Arrival in Hong Kong; this concludes the journey